Tig Tungstens

Tig Tungstens
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TIG Tungsten Ceritated
TIG TUNGSTEN CERITATED - Ceriated Tig Tungstens Grey tip. Tungsten sizes 1mm - 5mm. For further info..
Tungsten Lanthanated
TIG TUNGSTEN LANTHANATED – 1.5% Lanthanated Tungsten, in Europe and Japan has been the most popular ..
Tungsten Thoriated
TIG TUNGSTEN THORIATED - 2% Thoriated tungsten is the most commonly used tungsten for general use. I..
Tungsten Zirconiated
TIG TUNGSTEN ZIRCONIATED – 0.8% Zirconiated Tungsten has good performance in AC welding. It easily f..
Tungsten Lanthanated Electrodes Gold Tip 2.4mm x 175mm
Multi Purpose Tungsten Use for both AC and DC welding Offers good arc starting characteristics 1.5% ..
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