Harris Torches - Handles - Mixers

Harris Torches - Handles - Mixers
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Harris Contractors Equipment Schematic
HARRIS CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT SCHEMATIC - Oxygen / Acetylene - Oxygen / Propane...  For further info..
Harris Cutting Attachments
HARRIS CUTTING ATTACHMENTS - LPG / Propane / Natural Gas / Acetylene...  For further information pl..
Harris Hand Cutting Torch 142 One Piece
HARRIS ONE PIECE CUTTING TORCHES 142 - LPG / Propane / Natural Gas...  For further information plea..
Harris Hand Cutting Torch 625 One Piece
HARRIS HAND CUTTING TORCH 625 ONE PIECE...  For further information please view attached PDF harris..
Harris Handles 19-6 50-10 43-2
HARRIS HANDLES Models 19-6 / 50-10 / 43-2 ...  For further information please view attached PDF har..
Harris Handles 632 - Mixer Acetylene
HARRIS HANDLES Model 632- MIXERS ACETYLENE – Mixing the gas is very important to the flame. Harris i..
Harris Ironferno Torch
HARRIS IRONFERNO TORCH – For the most powerful Cutting Torch on the Market you won't go passed the H..
Harris Mixers LPG
HARRIS MIXERS LPG / NATURAL GAS...  For further information please view attached PDF harris mixers ..
Harris Powertorch Air / LPG
HARRIS POWERTORCH AIR/LPG - Quick connect tips to handle, Operates in any position...  For further ..
Harris Professional Equipment Schematic
Harris Scorcher Air / LPG
HARRIS SCORCHER AIR/LPG – Heating steel, Curing Concrete, Heating Bitumen, Drying Application...  F..
Harris Self Lighting Air / Mapp Gas Torch
HARRIS SELF LIGHTING AIR/MAPP GAS TORCH – Operates on Mapp Propane & Propylene, Durable Cast Alumini..
Harris Specialty Torches & Accessories
HARRIS SPECIALTY TORCHES & ACCESSORIES...   For further information please view attached PDF harris ..
Harris Specialty Torches & Tips
HARRIS SPECIALTY TORCHES & TIPS Model 89-3 Compressed Air/Propane Torch / 187 Powder Spray Torch... ..
Harris Steel Ferno
HARRIS STEEL FERNO – Specialty built cutting torch for fast cutting of thick steel. Operator will en..
Harris Straight Line Cutting Machine
HARRIS STRAIGHT LINE CUTTING MACHINE – Harris Straight line can be used for flame and plasma cutting..
Harris Torches Machine Cutting & Accessories
HARRIS TORCHES MACHINE CUTTING & ACCESSORIES – Machine cutting Torches offer the ultimate in gas mix..
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