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Cup Brush Crimped
CUP BRUSH CRIMPED – please view full product range Product Range 884RC Hand Brush 4 Row Wooden..
Cutting Steel Rottluff
Premium Grade Cutting Wheels, INOX, including Low and High Speed Applications – For use on Stainless..
Gloves MIG Welding
MIG GLOVES - Mig Welding Gloves palm and thumb reinforced with Kevlar thread throughout the glove - ..
Grinding Disc  Steel / Metal
Premium Grade Grinding Wheel INOX Premium Grade Wheel suitable for Stainless Steel Applications – Fo..
Harris Regulator Hospitality 802
HARRIS REGULATOR HOSPITALITY Models 802 – suit CO2 / Nitrogen Gas. Suitable for bars, pubs, win..
Leather Sleeves
LEATHER SLEEVE - Leather Sleeve set is heat and flame resistant. For further information please view..
Lincoln Air Vantage 500
LINCOLN ENGINE DRIVE VANTAGE 500 Welder Generator and Air Compressor. Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored, G..
Lincoln Electric Easyarc 7018-1
LINCOLN ELECTRIC EASYARC 7018-1 – Is an Iron Powder Low-Hydrogen type electrode for all-position wel..
Lincoln Electrode 5P
LINCOLN ELECTRODE FLEETWELD 5P A great choice for pipe root runs and also for welding on dirty, rust..
Lincoln Electrode Holders Tong Type
LINCOLN ELECTRODE HOLDERS TONG TYPE – Lincoln Electrode Holders 400A and 200A. For further info..
Lincoln Electrode Pipeliner 7P+
LINCOLN ELECTRIC PIPELINER 7P+ AWS E7010-P1 – Low Alloy, Cellulosic, Pipe Electrode. High productivi..
Lincoln Electrode Shield-Arc Hyp
LINCOLN ELECTRODE SHIELD-ARC HYP Tendency for "finger nailing" and arc stick will be virtually elimi..
Lincoln Idealarc DC-400
LINCOLN IDEALARC DC-400 Premium multi-process welder. Operates in three modes: CV Wire/Innershield, ..
Lincoln MIG Power 180C
LINCOLN MIG 180C - Portable designed for use with industrial 240 volt input power, so you can w..
Lincoln MIG Wire Aluminium Super Glaze 4043
Lincoln Mig Wire Aluminium 4043 for the welding of heat-treatable base alloys and more specifically ..
Lincoln MIG Wire Aluminium Super Glaze 5183
LINCOLN MIG WIRE ALUMINIUM 5183 Designed to weld high magnesium alloys to meet higher tensile streng..
Lincoln MIG Wire Innershield NR-207
LINCOLN MIG WIRE INNERSHIELD NR-207 designed for optimum performance on vertical down hot, fill and ..
Lincoln MIG Wire Innershield NR-211-Mp
LINCOLN MIG WIRE INNERSHIELD NR-211-MP An easy-to-use, versatile, general purpose wire suitable for ..
Lincoln MIG Wire Innershield NR-212
LINCOLN MIG WIRE INNERSHIELD NR-212 An alternative general purpose wire to Innershield® NR-211-MP wh..
Lincoln MIG Wire Innershield NR-233
LINCOLN MIG WIRE INNERSHIELD NR-233 uses advanced micro flux® technology to deliver outstanding mech..
Lincoln MIG Wire Outershield 71-CX
LINCOLN MIG WIRE OUTERSHIELD 71-CX Outershield® 71CX is an all positional rutile- based micro-alloye..
Lincoln MIG Wire Outershield Primacore LW-71
LINCOLN MIG WIRE OUTERSHIELD LW-71 - Primacore Wire is a gas shielded, rutile basic general purpose,..
Lincoln MIG Wire Stainless 308Lsi
LINCOLN MIG WIRE STAINLESS STEEL 308LSi Designed for welding '18-8' type stainless steels such as 30..
Lincoln MIG Wire Stainless 316Lsi
LINCOLN MIG WIRE STAINLESS STEEL 316LSi Designed for welding mo bearing austenitic stainless steels ..
Lincoln MIG Wire Stainless FC-316L
LINCOLN MIG WIRE STAINLESS STEEL FC-316L IS Designed for welding mo bearing austenitic stainless ste..
Lincoln Mig Wire Ultramag S6
LINCOLN MIG WIRE ULTRAMAG S6 has the highest level of manganese and silicon and can be used when wel..
Lincoln Plasma Cutter PC210
LINCOLN PLASMA CUTTER INVERTEC PC210 - Compressor makes short work of your plasma cutting requiremen..
Lincoln Ranger 250GXT
LINCOLN ENGINE DRIVE RANGER 250GXT Multi-process welder delivers both constant voltage and constant ..
Lincoln Ranger 305D
LINCOLN ENGINE DRIVE RANGER 305D Powerful 300 amp DC diesel, Engine Driven welder designed especiall..
Lincoln Redimig Plus 215C
LINCOLN REDI MIG PLUS 215C is a compact, single-phase MIG welding machine with integrated two-roll w..
Lincoln Redimig Plus 255C
LINCOLN REDI MIG PLUS 255C, with built-in wire feeder, delivers maximum grunt for a single-phase mac..
Lincoln Redimig Plus 255S
LINCOLN REDI MIG PLUS 255S delivers the same powerful 30-255 amp output as the 255C, but a separate ..
Lincoln Squirt Gun K126 Original
Lincoln Squirt Gun K126 Pro
MIG TORCH LINCOLN SQUIRT GUN K126 PRO – AIR COOLED Self-Shielded Innershield wire. The new K126 PRO ..
Lincoln TIG Invertec 135S 150S 170S
LINCOLN TIG INVERTEC 135S, 150S, 170S Stick Lift TIG Scratch Portable welding machines. Lincoln Inve..
Lincoln TIG Invertec V160-TP
LINCOLN TIG INVERTEC V160-TP has all the features that you would expect from professional TIG weldin..
Lincoln TIG Invertec V160T
LINCOLN TIG INVERTEC V160-T full function DC TIG, 5 to 160amp output from 240 volt input. HF or Lift..
Lincoln TIG Invertec V205-T AC/DC
LINCOLN TIG INVERTEC V205-T AC/DC TIG is ideal for critical AC or DC TIG welding applications combin..
Lincoln TIG Invertec V205TP
  Lincoln Tig  Invertec V205-TP is a 240-volt DC inverter welder delivering outstanding TIG welding ..
Lincoln TIG Precision 275
LINCOLN TIG PRECISION 275 welding modes such as high frequency, scratch start and touch start TIG. E..
Lincoln TIG Precision 375
LINCOLN TIG PRECISION 375 Pulse welding Stick. Selectable welding modes such as: high frequency, scr..
Lincoln Vantage 400
LINCOLN ENGINE DRIVE VANTAGE 400 is Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-cored, Gouging. One of the most compact 40..
Lincoln Vantage 580
LINCOLN ENGINE DRIVE VANTAGE 580 Multi-process powerhouse features 500 amps at 100%, or 525 amps at ..
Low Hydrogen Electrode ESB44 E7016 Dual Coated
Low Hydrogen Electrode ESB44 E7016 Dual Coated– Multi-purpose electrode suitable for structural stee..
MIG Torch BND 300E
BND 300E Mig Welding Torch Air Cooled 200A, CO2, Mixed gas, suit wire 0.8 -1.2mm, for further inform..
Oxygen And Acetylene Gas Kit
OXYGEN & ACETYLENE GAS SET KIT - Cutting - Welding - Heating and Brazing Kit – Regulators Oxygen..
Pipe Equipment Electrode Holder Optimus
OPTIMUS ELECTRODE HOLDER For further information please view pdf PipeEquipmentOptimusElectrodeHolder..
Strong Hand Tools Utility Clamps
Strong Hand Tools Utility Clamps – Light Duty Series And J-Clamp Step-Over Series. Create Your ..
Thin Cutting Steel Rottluff
Premium Grade Thin Cutting Wheel, INOX Extra thin cut off wheel for burr free and fast cutting Appli..
Tip Cleaner Sets
TIP CLEANER SET – Tip Cleaner Set For further information please view attached PDF TipCleaners.pdf..
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