Lincoln Electric Easyarc 7018-1

Product Code: Lincoln Electric Easyarc 7018-1
Lincoln Electric Easyarc 7018-1
Brand: Lincoln
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LINCOLN ELECTRIC EASYARC 7018-1 – Is an Iron Powder Low-Hydrogen type electrode for all-position welding of mild and low alloy steels. The easily controlled arc of Easyarc 7018-1 makes it easy to use on DC polarity. Advantage – Superb weld profiles in all positions. Easy slag removal. Excellent DC operator appeal. Excellent mechanical and toughness properties. Easyarc 7018-1 is a low hydrogen electrode with excellent operator appeal. It is recommended for the critical welding of C-Mn, micro alloyed, and low alloy structural steel. Typical applications include the welding of offshore platforms, ship building, pressure vessels and heavy steel structure on bridges and buildings.

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