Lincoln Invertec V350-Pro

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Lincoln Invertec V350-Pro
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LINCOLN INVERTEC V350-PRO the Multi-process Invertec V350-PRO is an efficient, lightweight and portable choice for training, fabrication or construction applications. The versatile V350-PRO is ready for almost any welding job in shop or outdoor environments. Processes Stick, DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed, Flux-Cored, Gouging. Applications – Metal Fabrication, Construction, Structural Fabrication, Schools and Training Facilities, Maintenance and repair. Pulsed MIG – Varies weld current to reduce warping and burn through on thin materials. Pulse-On-Pulse controls arc length and heat input to achieve excellent appearance and penetration on Aluminium. Power Mode – Delivers a responsive arc when MIG welding to reduce spatter, improve bead wetting and control penetration. Great for thin steel, stainless, Silicon bronze and nickel alloys.

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