Product Code: Greases
Brand: Stronghand
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CT-R001 – Heat Sink Compound

CT-R006 – Carbon Conductive Grease

CT-R03 – White Lithium Grease with PTFE

CT-R14 – Silicone Dielectric Grease

CT-R14+ – Silicone Dielectric Grease with PTFE

CT-R14SF – Silicone Fluid

CT-R16 – Wire Rope Lubricant

CT-R20 – Food Machine Grease

CT-R42 – Molytack Grease

CT-R555 – Lanoflex Lanolin Grease

CT-R888 – Marine Grease

CT-R999 – Truck & Farm Grease

CT-SCC – Metal Cutting Compound

CT-VSL – White Petroleum Jelly

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