Lincoln TIG Precision 375

Product Code: Lincoln TIG Precision 375
Lincoln TIG Precision 375
Brand: Lincoln
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LINCOLN TIG PRECISION 375 Pulse welding Stick. Selectable welding modes such as: high frequency, scratch start, and Touch Start TIG. Advanced Control Panel. TIG pulse allows you to control heat input for any weld. Standard power factor correction capacitors lower input currents when welding at higher output. Excellent stick welder Low Hydrogen & Fleetweld 5P (E6010) with new Automatic Hot Start and Auto Adaptive Arc Force controls. Precision TIG 375 technology delivers extremely stable low amperage starting, welding and catering for both AC and DC welding. Selectable welding modes such as high frequency, scratch start, and Touch Start TIG. High duty cycles-375 amps at 40% duty cycle. Widest welding range in its class 2-420 amps for both AC and DC.

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